How to reduce jaw crusher plate wear

As we all know, jaw crusher is a thick, medium-sized crusher, and has decades of history, in the crushing equipment, we should be no stranger, in coal, sandstone and other staff are most likely to see jaw Crusher, we may know how to use these devices, but for the attention we may not know, every time, before we start the machine, we have to be fully prepared, the only way to ensure that the normal jaw crusher jobs.

Then, let's learn how to start the machine before starting: first, check the equipment is firm, the bolts are tightened; followed by the bearing, spindle and thrust plate rotation link whether there is enough grease; again, pulley, whether the discharge port is intact; then, the crushing chamber without debris or ore material, if any, empty it. The above is the preparatory work before the crusher, because the jaw crusher is simple, ready to start in the machine is relatively simple, in daily work, the operator should also check and update.

The jaw crusher crushes the material through the compression and bending of the two jaw plates. The main crushing section is the fixed jaw plate and the movable jaw plate. When the movable jaws are close to the fixed jaws, the material is compressed and broken, and when the two are away from each other , The block is less than the discharge part will be discharged from the bottom, so the protection jaw plate is particularly important, then how to reduce the jaw plate wear?

To reduce the jaw plate wear methods: the new jaw plate must be tight and installed correctly, with the machine surface contact smooth, a layer of good plastic material can be used as a jaw crusher between a good buffer, each batch material into the crusher, should be sampled to check, in the event of a large change in the nature of the material, the parameters of the crusher need to change in time to meet the feeding. Jaw crusher plate must be high hardness, wear resistance, strong impact strength material. With the mine crushing production line technology used in the cement industry fine crushing, jaw plate mine broken jaw plate exchange cement business, wear jaw plate can also be repaired by surfacing technology.

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