Rotary Kiln in Cement Industry

The birth of rotary kiln provides adevelopment opportunity for the early cement production and even the entire industrial area. With the deepening development of the industrial revolution, the rotary kiln was to be improved and applied to an industrial area, as the mineral processing industry is the survival and new facilities. Rotary kiln equipment participate in the most field is the cement industry. Rotary kiln can be defined as the central nervous system of cement production, and plays an indispensable role in the whole cement production process. Cement rotary kiln work can be broadly summarized as "two grinding and one burning."

In addition, rotary kiln keeps great powder in the field of cement production, more are used in, such as limestone and refractory materials the production project. Especially for the refractory production process to design a set of practical processes to ensure its size standardization, strength and molding rate are greatly improved. In the 1960, the Americans also invented the rotary kiln production of phosphoric acid new technology. The advantages of this method are many advantages, such as low energy consumption, less electricity consumption, no sulfuric acid and available middle and low grade phosphate rock, and will soon be popularized in the mineral processing field all over the world.

Cement rotary kiln are commonly used for heat processing of minerals and aggregates such as lime, cement, and iron ore. To achieve consistent quality results, it is important to maintain a uniform product temperature at the kiln entry, mid zone, and discharge. In most rotary kilns, the challenge with temperature process control is that the temperature sensor must view through flames or heavy smoke and dust. Consequently, when selecting a sensor, the design, wavelength, and alignment are all important considerations.

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