Experimental Ball Mill Improvement

Ball mill has a long history, widely used in cement, building materials, mining and other industries. Its outstanding advantages are: stable operation, easy maintenance, cheap. Many projects and laboratories in the early production requirements for grinding lower, the need for a stage of the test, this time you need to use the experimental ball mill.
ZK CORP production of experimental ball mill after years of improvement, with high technical content,gets customers praise. It is a flexible, reliable, compact design of the ball mill model, can be easily and accurately to the experimental results amplified to the production model, it is mainly for crushing, grinding, dispersion, emulsifying metal, non-metallic, organic, Chinese herbal medicine and other powder is specially designed for usage in laboratory research.
Its working principle is to use abrasive and sample to roll in the grinding tank, and to produce strong shear, impact and rolling to achieve the purpose of grinding, grinding, dispersing and emulsifying the material.
Advantages and features:
1. The physical properties of materials (such as: particle size, moisture, hardness, etc.) fluctuations in the adaptability;
2. The liner is made of high quality wear-resistant materials, wear, and long life
3. Large production capacity
4. The product fineness fine and uniform size, easy to adjust the grain gradation, product pass rate is high;
5. Good sealing, dust pollution is small.
6. Milling efficiency, low energy consumption;
7. Less metal consumption per unit of product;
8. Compact structure, stable operation, easy operation and maintenance.
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