Stable and durable energy-saving ball mill

The biggest advantage of energy-saving ball mill produced by Zk corp is that it is stable, energy-saving and durable. With the establishment of large-scale beneficiation equipment manufacturers, large-scale coal yard, cement companies, etc., more and higher requirements for ball mill equipment have been put forward at the same time. In the course of development, there is an urgent need for greater handling capacity, higher grinding efficiency and safe operation reliable equipment. As a ball mill equipment manufacturer specializing in the production of Zk corp ball mill equipment, with advanced technology, energy-efficient features and improve the pre-market after-sales service, by the domestic and foreign customers favor.
Energy-saving ball mill use to maintain the four major criteria:
1. While keeping the geared motor clean, adjust and tighten the loose parts in time to prevent the components from being worn out or loose due to loosening.
2. Reasonable selection of lubricating oil, especially the input power is greater than 11KW gear motor must note the load gear oil. Pay attention to always check the lubricating oil, hydraulic oil, coolant, oil level and quality, and pay attention to check the sealing of the whole machine. Inspection found that the lack of oil too much, should analyze the reasons. At the same time, energy-saving ball mill lubrication points should be strengthened lubrication, it is recommended during the run-in period, lubrication points every week to add grease (except for special requirements). Vertical gear pump reducer connected to the power supply attention to the direction of rotation of the pump, clockwise rotation is correct.
3. Running-in period, the compulsory maintenance of the machine, energy-saving ball mill inspection and adjustment work, while paying attention to the replacement of oil. As the saying goes, people know how to make good use of, then for energy-saving ball mill in terms of knowledgeable use. Ball mill bulky, heavy, so that the foundation sink; displacement occurs. On the basis of monitoring the settlement point; the observation, found to sink, to be adjusted.
4. Energy-saving ball mill and reducer balance shaft, the axis is not in a straight line, the reasons for the mill installed liner, no secondary grouting, or grouting after the anchor bolts are not fastened, the winch Rotating mill barrel, resulting in one end of the mill barrel displacement, and the two axes are not in a straight line, the reducer to drive the mill and produce vibration. Approach: To readjust so that the ball mill axis and reducer axis in the same plane axis.

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