Five points to improve ball mill grinding efficiency and yie

Ball mill is a common fine grinding machinery spare parts, in the mineral processing industry, building materials and chemical applications. According to the classification of the ball mill can be divided into different categories, such as dry ball mill and wet ball mill. Regardless of the specific classification of the ball mill, the efficiency of its grinding is still the most people's attention, zk corp ball mill through years of research, summed up the impact of ball mill output of five factors:
1. Ball mill grinding process: Ball mill grinding process can be divided into two types, open flow and circle flow, or as open or closed circuit. Ball mill in all conditions under the same premise, the ring flow is closed-circuit production is better than open-flow production is open to improve production 20% to 35%, and the circle of particles obtained by the product distribution more evenly, the case of excessive grinding less.
2. Ball mill into the material particle size: ball mill is used as grinding material particle size processing efficiency is an extremely important factor, this matter particle size is too large ball mill energy use, even down to 2%. In order to improve work efficiency ball mill first material rate is generally carried out in the early crusher processing, particle size control of the material within a certain range, and then enter the grinding mill for grinding.
3. The ball mill into the material moisture and temperature: ball mill into the material, in addition to the particle size, moisture and temperature also affect the ball mill efficiency in general to enter the groundwater material through the General Assembly to improve the viscosity of the material to reduce the factory's production, the general Into the mill material moisture, it will reduce 10%, 1% increase in production. Ball mill material grinding temperature cannot be too high, otherwise the ball mill will be paralyzed.
4. The ball mill tube ventilation: one of the ball ventilation efficiency factor is to reduce the ventilation ball mill underground storage temperature and help discharge fine powder. The adverse effects of the above two balls cannot be achieved by mill ventilation, making the temperature rise of the ball mill warehouse, such as containing more water and steam substances, cannot discharge the ball, lead can be stored in the water vapor and the material combined to form Blockage or cushioning to reduce ball mill crushing capacity, resulting in ball mill production.
5. The ball mill liner: Mill cylinder liner is an important tool to protect the material to avoid the formation of a direct impact on the cylinder and the formation of the ball mill grinding chamber also has regular flight movement regulation function to help position the mill more Good sport, thereby improving ball mill grinding efficiency and productivity.

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