Affect the ball mill production capacity factors

Ball mill production capacity is to determine the quality of a ball mill standard, so many customers purchase ball mill, the first concern is the ball mill production capacity, of course, the production capacity of the ball mill and his craft index are inseparable, following us from a few starting point, a brief introduction of ball mill production process indicators.
Ball mill production capacity refers to a certain degree of ore and product particle size, the unit of hours the ball mill can handle the capacity of ore. Only when the ball mill type, size, ore properties, to the mine size and product size of the same, only a concise review of the work of the ball mill.
Followed by ball mill utilization factor q, refers to the unit of time per unit ball mill effective volume average ore can be processed, in t / (m3h) said. In the ore particle size, product size are similar conditions, the use of ball mill size q in order to more accurately reflect the nature of the ore and ball mill operating conditions. Therefore, it can only be a rough comment on the working conditions of the ball mill.
The specific grain-level utilization factor, expressed in terms of t / (m3h), expressed in terms of a specified grain-size content obtained by mill grinding in a unit of time. In most cases, expressed as a newly formed level of - 0.075 mm (200 mesh) in the grinding process. The specific particle size utilization of the ball mill coefficient can more accurately reflect the impact of ore properties and operating conditions on the ball mill production capacity. Therefore, ZK CORP proposed that the design department in the construction of a new plant, the ball mill production capacity, or production departments in the comparison and processing of different ore and the same type of ore but different specifications ball mill production capacity often use this said.

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