Vertical mill cement grinding advantages

1. The relative sliding difference between the grinding disc and the grinding roller is small, which allows the rotating speed of the grinding stone to be faster and the working pressure of the grinding roller is higher, so the output is higher than other types of grinding roller under the condition of the same specification. (High power saving at the time of the station)
2. Simultaneously drying, grinding, and classifying the materials, the process is simple and the noise is low. 
3. It is suitable for wind sweeping and part of the material circulation system, which can greatly reduce the ventilation power consumption of the system.
4. The internal ventilation annular clearance can be flexibly adjusted according to the distribution of the surface materials to reduce ventilation resistance and reduce power consumption.
5. For the four-roll vertical mill, the grinding roll can be pressed separately or simultaneously with the four rolls to adapt to the needs of the change of the material bed. If the pressure is separately applied to the rolls, different working pressures can be selected to work. The pair of rollers with lower pressure has the dual function of preparing the material bed and milling, which is an important function for maintaining the stability of the material bed when grinding the material that is difficult to grind at a higher working pressure. During operation, the working pressure can be set according to the operating conditions of the roller. The rigidity of the hydraulic pressurizing system is designed properly and the adjustment range is wide, so as to meet the needs of raw materials with different grindability.
6. The grinding roller can be automatically lifted to achieve no-load start to reduce the motor starting torque.
7. The roller mill can be pulled out of the casing by the roll cylinder to facilitate maintenance. 
8. Built-in high-efficiency cage separator, adjust the fineness of sensitive, strong adaptability to load, powder selection efficiency up to 90%.
9. Operating and maintenance costs are low. (Small metal loss)
10. Less investment in one trip. (Less floor area, large amount of preheater kiln tail gas can be used)
cement vertical mill

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