Iron ore grinding ball mill

Like other ores, iron ore needs to undergo crushing, grinding, sorting and other operations to remove impurities before it can be used by smelters and used as the main raw material for steel. Among them, the grinding operation of iron ore is a key link to achieve the dissociation of useful mineral monomers, and this link is generally completed in a ball mill. The generally efficient and stable iron ore ball mill has a great influence on the production of iron concentrate powder.
Ball mill for iron ore 
The main grinding equipment commonly used to grind iron ore is overflow ball mills and lattice ball mills. Some mineral processing companies also recommend semi-autogenous grinding machines to grind them. However, after years of development, many professional manufacturers have reformed the ball mill linings, transmission components, and grinding media for iron ore. ZK CORP iron ore ball machines are commonly used wet grid lattice ball mill, wet overflow ball mill and so on. 
1. Wet grid type ball mill is a kind of forced discharge grinding equipment. It can discharge mineralized materials in a timely manner. It can quickly discharge the ground materials and reduce over-grinding. The processing volume is large, and the product particle size is uniform. In the actual production line, the design is often used as a rough grinding device.
2. Wet overflow ball mill, this equipment mainly relies on the height difference between the ore end and the ore discharge slurry surface to achieve the discharge of the slurry. This equipment has fine grain size, excessive grinding, and a small amount of processing, often in the second paragraph grinding.

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