Measures to increase cone ball mill output

The pursuit of higher output has always been the long-term goal of the majority of users, and the usage of the cone ball mill is no exception. The structure of the conical ball mill has been improved a lot compared with the traditional ball mill. At present its energy-saving is stronger. Compared with the traditional ball mill, the motor power of the conical ball mill can be reduced by 18 - 25%, saving 70% of the lubricating oil and saving 90% of the cooling water. , comprehensive energy-saving more than 20%. Out of its own advantages, we can also increase the output of the conical ball mill by the following four measures.
1. Use strong vibration resistance components
Due to the conical ball mill has a higher cone frequency and amplitude, the production environment is worse. There is a high requirement for the anti-vibration performance of the conical ball mill. Cone ball mill has a large eccentric weight, to overcome the eccentricity and friction torque when starting, often with a long start-up time to start up, leading to overload of the conical ball mill during this period of time to cause the protection device to disconnect, so that the cone ball mill difficulties in starting. When it is difficult to start the equipment, the later production does not need to be considered. Therefore, we must start from the source, use components with good anti-vibration performance, and adjust the parameters of the cone ball mill, make the equipment run smoothly and reliably, keep the production open, so as to lay a good foundation for improving the output of the conical ball mill.
2. Maintain the material's humidity, hardness, etc.
The humidity, hardness, and blockiness of the material are the factors that affect the output of the cone ball mill. When the cone ball mill is dealing with excessive humidity and even exceeds the specified standards, it will cause blockage in the mill bin, material adhesion, sticking ball and other consequences, and is extremely unfavorable to the milling. When the material is too hard, it will not only increase the difficulty of grinding. It will also aggravate the wear of the lining plate and the steel ball; when the block size is large, it may cause uneven grind granularity or "over-grinding" of some materials. All three points will reduce the production and quality of the conical ball mill. So remember that the nature of the material must meet the requirements of the conical ball mill.
3. Ensure proper ventilation
Proper ventilation helps to remove the heat generated by the grinding of the cone ball mill. The fine particles present in the mill, as well as the humidity caused by the water jet and the incoming material, can also help reduce power consumption.

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