Ball mill parking operation flow

The ball mill will stop at work. Here is a small series for everyone to sum up a few ball mill parking operation process for your reference 
(1) Bypass the interlocking system of the ball milling machine;
(2) Stop the coal weigher feeder according to the single operation procedure and stop sending coal to the ball mill; meanwhile, increase the amount of water and flush the ball mill. 
(3) After the ball mill runs for 5 to 10 minutes, press the main motor stop button and the main motor stops;
(4) The TK103 level drops to 50% and P101 cycles.
(5) Stop P103 and P102 respectively according to the single operation procedure;
(6) If necessary, stop the lubrication system (low pressure, high pressure pump delay automatic stop, spray lubrication system automatically stops after the main motor stops; after the main motor stops, the main reducer cooling pump can be stopped according to the situation).
(7) Flush the corresponding pipelines according to the parking schedule.
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