The strategy of selecting lubricants for ultrafine ball mills

Ultrafine ball mill is now the darling of beneficiation industry. Concentrators must select suitable lubricants when using ultra-fine ball mills to enable the equipment to do more with less. However, few friends currently make ultra-fine ball mills how to choose lubricants. In this paper, we have come to understand the strategy of choosing lubricants for ultra-fine ball mills.
Ultrafine ball mills work in harsh mining environments. Coal dust, dust and moisture mixed into the machine will seriously affect the normal operation of the equipment, so ultrafine ball mills must use high quality lubricants, requiring better protection rust, corrosion resistance, anti-emulsification, and guaranteed to be contaminated, the performance of the lubricating oil does not change much, ie the sensitivity to contamination is small.
In the usage of ultra-fine ball mills in mines, it is imperative to use good flame retardant lubricants and prohibit the use of flammable mineral oils, as such environments are particularly prone to fire and explosion accidents. In addition, the lubricant used in the ultra-fine ball mill must have good adaptability to the seal so that the seal is not damaged. For open-pit mines, the lubricating oil used in ultra-fine ball mills must have small changes in viscosity with temperature. It is necessary to avoid that when the temperature is high, the viscosity of the oil becomes too low to form a lubricating film, which cannot be achieved. Lubrication, but also to avoid the viscosity is too high at low temperatures, so that start and run difficult.
The strategy of choosing ultra-fine ball mills for lubricating oil is analyzed. Hopefully it will arouse your attention. The key to understanding the theory is to practice. Friends must pay more attention to these details in the process of using ultra-fine ball mills. Do not cause minor problems. Some major accidents bring unnecessary losses to the company.

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