Indentation of intermittent ball mill

The intermittent ball mill consists of the main part of the feeding part, the discharging part, the turning part, the transmission part (reducer, small transmission gear, motor, and electric control). The hollow shaft is made of cast steel and the inner lining can be replaced. The rotating bull gear is processed by casting hobbing. The barrel body is inlaid with a wear-resistant liner and has good wear resistance. The machine runs smoothly and reliably.
Note: According to the material and method of discharging, dry ball mill and wet grid type ball mill can be selected.
Its classification is roughly as follows:
First, according to the type of grinding quality can be divided into: 
(1) The ball mill medium is a metal ball (steel ball or cast iron ball).
(2) The rod mill medium is a steel rod.
(3) Gravel mill uses gravel as grinding medium. 
(4) The grinding stone is made from a large piece of ore by a mill, sometimes with a small amount of steel balls.
Second, according to the way of ore discharge can be divided into:
(1) Overflow grinding machine It is free to overflow the slurry through the hollow journal of the discharge end.
(2) Grid type ball mill It discharges material by means of pores installed on the grid plate at the discharge end.
(3) Peripheral discharge grinding mill It discharges material through the periphery of the cylinder.
Third, according to the different shape of the cylinder can be divided into:
(1) The short barrel type grinding machine L/D ≤ 1. 0 - 1.5 (L is the length of the mill. D is the diameter of the grinding machine). 
(2) Long barrel type grinding machine, L/D≥1.5. When L/D is 5-6, it is called tube mill, and it is divided into several chambers in its interior. It is called multi-room grinding machine and it is generally used in cement industry. 
(3) Cone Grinding Machine China has stopped manufacturing this type of mill.

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