Wet ball mill feed tube and feed sealing new structure

Ball mills are currently the most widely used grinding equipment. According to the needs of the process, the ball mill is divided into dry grinding and wet grinding. The wet grinding is widely used in metallurgy, mining and chemical industries. The service life of the feed pipe of the wet ball mill and the sealing of the feed port have always been problems that the industry is unable to solve, which affects the technical progress of the ball mill.
New combined cutting chute
(1) The structure and usage of the traditional cutting chute
The slip chutes are generally cast iron or steel castings. The structure of the conventional chute is shown in the following figure:
The feeding chute is installed at the feed end of the mill, its upper receiving silo or conveyor equipment, and the lower straight section extends into the mill feed spiral. The material to be pulverized is fed into the mill from the upper end of the feed chute. When the material is unloaded, the hard material will produce erosion and abrasion on the inner wall of the blank chute. The abrasion rate in the lower half is much faster than that in the upper half. In the figure, the area of the cloud line is the fastest, and the area is most likely to wear through and cause the material to wear. Chute tube scrapped.
The use of the chutes for the ball mills of metal mines is not long, and they need to be replaced in a few months. The consumption of accessories is large. The overall replacement of the blanking chute must dismantle the surrounding equipment. The replacement workload is large and the replacement time is long, affecting the operation of the mill.
(2) New combined unloading slide pipe structure and use effect
How to reduce the abrasion speed of the material on the slide tube to increase the life of the slide tube? Is it possible to design the area that is most likely to be abraded in the blank chute to be a replaceable structure so as not to replace it entirely? The author developed and designed a combined cutting chute that successfully solved the above two problems. The structure of the new combined lower material flow tube is shown in the following figure:
The new combined blanking chute is mainly composed of blanking chute, active material accumulation trough, gasket and liner. The cutting chute is most likely to be abraded on the outer side of the circular transition zone, and is externally flanged in the hollow area. The active material accumulation chute is mounted on the square flange of the blank chute. The joint surface is covered with acid and alkali resistant rubber. Pads prevent leakage. The liner plate is embedded in the inner wall of the lower part of the blank chute, and the inner wall of the blank chute is provided with a positioning clamping flange at the location of the liner plate, which can effectively prevent the liner from shifting when the material impacts.
The material accumulation material is deposited in the active material accumulation groove provided in the arc transition area where the blank chute is most likely to be washed and abraded. This area is actually mainly grinding material and material, thereby greatly reducing the material to the material accumulation groove and the slide tube wall. Wear. A lining plate is embedded in the lower middle wear zone to prevent the wear of the sliding wall in the area.
The active material accumulation chute and the liner are the wearing parts in the blank chute device. After the active material accumulation trough is damaged, it can be directly replaced from the outside. The liner is made into split type and can also be directly loaded from the square flange. .

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