The Technical Advantages of Coal Slime dryer

Coal slime dryer is one of the most common dewatering and drying equipment in mine processing. It is suitable for dewatering of coal slime, pulverized coal and floating concentrate in coal industry.
ZK Corp coal slime dryer equipment in the slime sludge dewatering and drying treatment has a stronger anti-overload capacity, large capacity, less fuel consumption, low dehydration costs. In the dewatering of slime, the high temperature flue gas and slime are fed into the dehydration drum from the same side to obtain higher evaporation intensity by using high temperature air flow. At the same time, the export temperature of dehydration equipment is low, high efficiency of thermal efficiency, better to achieve the purpose of energy conservation.
ZK Corp research and development team from the structure and the usage of performance on the optimization of the dryer for the enterprise to reduce production costs, stability and improve product quality, to achieve a comprehensive utilization of low-quality slime, turning waste into treasure, creating a good economic benefits; at the same time, after drying the evaporation of water through the condensate back to the production system, tail coal drying as a direct sales of thermal coal, energy conservation, environmental protection, to achieve the coal preparation plant production system in the true sense of the closed circuit, energy saving, green, environment-friendly coal preparation plant to lay a solid foundation for China's ecological civilization to make its own contribution.
Dryer equipment main products are: sand dryer, coal slime dryer, sludge dryer, fly ash dryer, slag dryer, lignite dryer and other series. ZK brand coal slime dryer with a strong, wide range of applications, scientific structure, advanced technology, cost-effective superior, users at home and abroad more than 20 areas.

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