Ore Slag Vertical Powder Mill Process

At present, the domestic large-scale vertical mill production enterprises do not produce small and medium-sized equipment, and small vertical mill manufacturing plants do not have the entire production line design and manufacturing capabilities. In order to solve the difficulties of small and medium-sized investment owners to select suppliers, the technical plan and equipment for the whole production line of 1, 3, 5, 8, 10 and 15.2 million tons were designed and manufactured for the needs. Its overall structure is reasonable, advanced technology, stable and reliable operation, the main technical and economic indicators achieve the domestic advanced level.
Our company production GRMS series of vertical grinding process mainly for the following four stages:
1. Slag production line grinding: Raw materials from the slip into the mill, under the action of centrifugal force, around the center of the wheel around the movement, along the disc radial movement, into the grinding area. Grinding disc around the retaining ring, the material forms material bed in the disc.
2. The election powder: In addition to part of the fine powder discharged along with the air, the material from the file ring overflow, from the external round of the bucket feed machine into the ladder separator into the dynamic separator, finished fineness R0.09 <12 %,coarse material re-grinding.
3. Drying: The material of the drying heat from the kiln preheater 300 ℃ hot flue gas, divided into two road into the vertical mill and ladder after the separator into the dynamic separator, electric dust collection.
4. The outer loop: The grinding of the material by the bucket to feed into the steady flow warehouse, by the belt into the ladder separator and then grinding mill.
In terms of environmental protection, ZK CORP ore slag vertical powder mill adopts advanced technology, stable operation, the environmental indicators are in line with "industrial enterprises boundary environmental noise emission standards" (GB12348-2008) and "cement industry air pollutant discharge standards" GB4915-2004) requirements to meet the emission reduction policy.

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