Tungsten nickei iron automatic small ball mill

Ball mill is widely used in chemical, mechanical, metallurgical, construction, building materials and other fields, it is mainly dealing with the metal ore, including copper ore, iron ore, chrome ore and various non-ferrous metal ore, and ball mill model  is various, including small-scale equipment, lower energy consumption, the operation is relatively simple, then how much it's selling?
Small ball mill configuration
Under normal circumstances, the small size ball mill generally refers to two kinds of Ф900 × 1800 and Ф900 × 3000, of which Ф900 × 1800 cylinder speed (36-38) r / min, ball loading capacity of 1.5 tons, feed size is not greater than 20 mm, the discharge size (0.075-0.89) mm, the output per hour (0.65-2) tons, the motor rated power of 18.5kw, the total weight of 5.85 tons. Ф900 × 3000 cylinder speed of 36 r / min, ball loading capacity of 2.7 tons, feed size is usually not more than 20 mm, the discharge size of (0.075-0.89) mm, the output per hour (1.1-3.5 tons, and the motor rated power of 22kw, the total weight of 6.98 tons.
Small ball mill price
Price is related to many factors, so the sale price of ball mill equipment is not stable, especially in the case of market volatility, the price will rise and fall phenomenon, so users want to buy affordable equipment, we must understand the market as well as economic trends, meanwhile, the relationship between supply and demand will also cause the price of equipment to fluctuate greatly, so users should make reasonable choices and purchase under the guidance of industry professionals.
Equipment purchase considerations
Users in the purchase equipment should pay attention to many aspects of the problem, so as to buy better equipment, such as equipment models, prices, performance, etc., and other equipment manufacturers should also attach great importance to it, only the first-class manufacturers to buy to the user assured the equipment, and such manufacturers improve the service, pay attention to the development, and then developed a high technology equipment, longer service life.

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