Slag ball mill for cooper ore and iron

Slag ball mill with horizontal cylindrical rotary device, external gear drive, two positions, lattice ball mill. Material from the feeding device through the feed hollow shaft screw evenly into the first warehouse, the warehouse has a ladder liner or corrugated liner, built-in different specifications of the ball, the cylinder rotation to produce centrifugal force to the ball to a certain height. After the fall, the material hit and grinding effect. Material in the first warehouse to reach rough grinding, the single compartment through the plate into the second warehouse, the warehouse is set with a flat liner, there are steel balls, the material further grinding. The powder is discharged through the discharge grate to complete the grinding operation.
Slag ball mill performance characteristics:
1. Slag ball mill main bearing with a large diameter double row aligning stick bearings, instead of the original sliding bearings, reducing friction and reduce energy consumption, but also retains the common mill end cover structure, large diameter inlet and outlet, handling capacity.
2. Slag ball mill accessories using variable gear, you can eliminate the root cutting phenomenon, so that the weak bending strength of the gear has been greatly strengthened, so that the bending strength of the teeth more than doubled.
3. Slag ball mill with high-strength wear-resistant combination of hammer, you can save material and reduce waste.
Factors affecting the working efficiency of slag ball mill:
1. Slag ball mill speed
The rate of slag ball mill directly affects the efficiency of the equipment. When the speed of the equipment is large, the working efficiency of the equipment will be greatly improved.
2. Slag filling rate
Different specifications of the slag ball mill corresponding to the best filling rate is not the same, especially large ball mill, filling rate is too high, will reduce the media and ore mixing in the ball mill uniformity, so the slag ball mill filling rate is also virtually Equipment work efficiency.
3. Tube medium volume
Under normal circumstances, the slag ball mill cylinder body for the ball, if the choice of steel ball volume is too small, it will increase the buffer effect of the material, the media to reduce the crushing capacity. And the ball volume is too large, grinding media and the impact of medium and liner loss of useless power will increase, not only increase the ball mill energy consumption, reduce its production efficiency, but also exacerbate the liner wear, increase metal consumption. So only select the appropriate media volume, in order to give full play to the role of medium grinding, improve the grinding mill grinding efficiency.

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