Factors Influencing Production Efficiency of Ball Mill

The ball mill uses the squeezing force and the shear force between the grinding media to crush the materials and is widely used in metallurgy, ceramics, beneficiation, chemical, cement, thermal power and other industries for grinding and milling operations. Most of ball mills in China are still under manual control, resulting in large changes in the material within the mill, low grinding efficiency, large unit power consumption, and large loss of steel balls and linings. In this era of promoting energy conservation and environmental protection, it is absolutely necessary to improve the energy efficiency of ball mills. Let the engineers  of the ZK CORP analyze the energy efficiency issues of the ball mill for everyone.
First, the main factors affecting the grinding efficiency of ball mill
1. Grinding body grading and loading irrational: not according to different material properties reasonable choice of grinding body specifications and loading, resulting in mill output factor (output/load) is low, generally 0.4 to 0.8.
2. In the process of material crushing, the broken energy is not graded and broken according to the required crushing energy, so as to maximize the utilization of crushing energy.
3. The mixing of different characteristics of materials: impurities in the material are not sieved (such as coal in the inclusion block, etc.) and large pieces of material are not pre-broken.
4. The irrational adjustment of working conditions: the exhaust output, dry output, and grinding output do not match, and the ineffective energy consumption increases.
5. The wear resistance of the grinding body is poor: the out-of-round rate increases after running for a period of time, and the grinding power decreases.
Second, the principle of ball mill energy saving
The collision of material, steel balls and liners collide with each other to generate noise, which varies with the amount of material in the ball mill. When there are a few materials, steel balls and liners have a large collision probability, large energy, and large noise. As the amount of materials increases, due to the continuous filling of materials, the probability of collision of steel balls and liners decreases and the energy becomes smaller. The noise produced also decreases.
Third, improve the idea of grinding ideas
1. Optimize the grading and loading of the grinding body: According to the distribution characteristics of the particle size of the material, the impact energy needed for the crushing and the fineness of the outlet, the shapes, sizes, and loadings of the grinding bodies of different specifications are determined to improve the crushing efficiency.
2. Optimize the structure and arrangement of the mill lining plate to realize grading crushing: According to the trajectory of the crushing process of the material in the mill, the structure and arrangement of the lining plate are improved, and the falling and falling height of the grinding body are improved to make the grinding body. Along the length of the mill, the material is automatically and positively graded in accordance with the particle size distribution specifications to maximize the use of grinding energy.
3. Optimization of operating conditions: According to the characteristics of different materials, the test adjusts the differential pressure of the mill, the outlet temperature, the amount of feed, and the separation efficiency of the separation equipment, and establishes the operating parameter control standards, so as to maintain the long-term maximum output of the mill.
Through the analysis of the work characteristics of the ball mill, combined with a set of ball mill energy-saving technology, the ball mill can always work at the maximum output point; improve the production efficiency, thus achieving the purpose of energy conservation.
The above are some of the problems of the energy efficiency of the ball mill shared by the ZK CORP. If you want to learn more about the ball mill, you can contact our online customer service.

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