Beneficiation ball mill in beneficiation production line

The beneficiation production process is as follows: The mined ore is coarsely crushed, medium crushed, fine divided and sieved to achieve the specified particle size, and then passed through the grinding equipment and classifier equipment, and the obtained ore fines are then selected by flotation, magnetic separation and other sorting equipment. Separation of ore, and finally the selected concentrate powder through a thickener and filter dehydration, to achieve transportation and smelting requirements. It can be seen from the above that the beneficiation ball mill is the main equipment for mine beneficiation, and the position in the beneficiation process is relatively fixed, generally after the crushing equipment, before the magnetic separator or flotation machine, it plays an important role in the entire beneficiation process. Turning effect. It can separate and screen different minerals in the mineral and separate the tailings. It is crucial to improve the quality of the selected ore material. It can process a variety of materials that can be ground, non-ferrous metals, and new building materials.
Next, the zk corp will explain in detail the specific structure, working principle, and specific classification of the next ball mill. The beneficiation ball mill is composed of main parts such as cylinder body, feeding part, discharge part, transmission part (reducer, small transmission gear, motor, electronic control). Its working principle: the raw material enters the rotary mill of the ball mill through the hollow shaft journal of the feeding device for grinding, and the rotating body is equipped with various diameter steel ball grinding bodies. When the revolving body rotates around the horizontal axis at a certain rotation speed, the grinding bodies and raw materials of the steel balls installed in the revolving body, under the action of centrifugal force and friction force, reach a certain height along with the cylinder body, and when their own gravity is greater than the centrifugal force, they disengage. The wall of the revolving wall drops or rolls off, breaking the material due to impact. At the same time, during the grinding and turning process, the sliding movement of the grinding bodies with each other also produces a grinding effect on the raw materials. As the raw material is continuously fed, its pressure causes the feed material in the rotary body to move toward the discharge end. After the raw material reaches the rough grinding in the first position, it enters the second position through a single-layered partition board. A flat lining plate is set in the position and there is a steel ball inside, and the material is further ground. The pulverized stream exits through the hollow neck of the discharge end.
Concentrator ball mill equipment also has different classifications depending on the production line, such as fly ash ball mills for fly ash production lines, wet ball mills for most beneficiation production lines, and so on. The types of beneficiation ball mills currently produced by the company include wet ball mills, dry ball mills, conical ball mills, fly ash ball mills, ceramic ball mills, energy-saving ball mills, cement ball mills and many other types of ball mills. 
Therefore, when selecting the beneficiation ball mill equipment, it is necessary to select a suitable ball mill according to the specific production line, so as to enable the beneficiation production line to produce at low cost, with high yield and with high efficiency.

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