Red Kiln Phenomenon of Rotary Kiln and Treatment Method

The Concept of Red Kiln
Judging from the appearance of the rotary kiln: the red kiln shows a red blocky area on the outside of the kiln body, and even the phenomenon of brick falling. Judging from the surface temperature of the kiln body: if the temperature exceeds 400℃, you must pay more attention. When the temperature reaches 400-600℃, the color change of the kiln body can be seen at night. If it appears dark red, the kiln is red; when the kiln body temperature exceeds 650℃, the kiln body turns bright red, the kiln body may warp.
The Reason for Red Kiln
1、The refractory bricks do not meet the basic requirements of industrial kilns for refractory bricks, the quality is poor, or are not matched to the applicable occasions.
2、Operation error of rotary kiln. For example, the temperature rises too fast after ignition during use.
3、The kiln skin of the rotary kiln was not hung properly and did not protect the refractory bricks.
4、Excessive amount of coal fills, resulting in excessively high proportion of static and swirling air in the coal injection burner, resulting in red kilns and even brick falling due to local high temperatures in the rotary kiln.
5、There is a problem with the kiln lining. If the inlay method of the kiln lining is improper and the inlay quality is poor, the transverse ring method is adopted. although it is simple, if the brick gap exceeds the specified range, the kiln lining will easily fall from the ring and may fall off in severe cases.
Treatment Method of Red Kiln
1、Strengthen the quality control and placement of refractory bricks. Choose refractory bricks with high refractoriness, strong resistance to rapid temperature changes, strong corrosion resistance, compact processing and no defects.
2、Correct operation of rotary kiln
The heating of the kiln lining is carried out according to the heating curve of the kiln, and the temperature should be increased slowly and stably after ignition. The temperature of the refractory bricks should be observed with naked eyes.
3、Pay attention to the protection of rotary kiln skin
The key to preventing red kiln is to protect kiln skin. The kiln skin has a protective effect on the kiln lining of the firing zone and transition zone. Under the protection of the kiln skin of normal thickness, the lining material does not directly contact the flame and high-temperature materials, which effectively extends the working life of the kiln lining.
4、The amount of coal should be appropriate
The fireworker should operate carefully, avoid feeding too much coal, and avoid overheating of the kiln.

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