Classification and Advantages of Ball Mill

Ball mill is widely used in grinding equipment. The ball mill is the key equipment for crushing materials after they are broken. It is mainly used in cement, silicate products, new building materials, refractory materials, fertilizers, black and non-ferrous metal mineral processing and glass ceramics and other production industries. What kind of ball mills are there? What are their construction?
First, types of ball mill
There are many kinds of ball mills, which are divided by the way of mine drainage, with overflow type, lattice type and peripheral type; according to the shape of the cylinder, there are cylindrical type, conical type, and multi-angle type; according to the length of the cylinder, there are short type , long tube and tube mill.
The most widely used metal ore concentrators are lattice-type or overflow-type short cylinders and long-barrel type ball mills. Overflow type and lattice type two ball mills have a certain direction of spiral in the pivots at both ends, so the direction of rotation of the mill barrel is also fixed, and there are points of left-hand rotation and right-hand rotation. In the face of the discharging end to the ore end, the cylinder body clockwise rotation is called the right rotary grinder; counterclockwise rotation is called the left rotary mill. The surrounding ore ball mill is mainly used for the preparation of the wet grinding of the pellet raw materials and the grinding of the materials that are liable to be crushed. Because the structure of the ore discharge grid is more complicated, the application is less.
Second, the advantages and disadvantages of ball mill
1. Advantages of ball mill.
(1) The structure is simple. The specifications of the ball mill are represented by the inner diameter (D) and the inner length (L) of the cylinder, and can be made into mills of different specifications and length-diameter ratios to meet the needs of different production and applications in production.
(2) The production is stable and reliable, which is very favorable for the next step sorting operation, especially the flotation.
(3) Strong adaptability. Various materials can be coarse, medium, fine and ultrafine grained.
2. The disadvantages of ball mill.
(1) The media motion plane is perpendicular to the Earth's gravitational field. The media motion must overcome the gravitational force of the Earth to do work, so the energy consumption of grinding is higher. Generally, the ball mill grinds 1t products with about 10-30 degrees of electrical energy, and the energy consumption is higher when grinding. The grinding energy consumption accounts for 65%-85% of the power consumption of the entire concentrator.
(2) Large consumption of steel ball and lining board, especially the chemical corrosion of the slurry during the wet grinding process further exacerbates the wear of the steel balls and linings; usually, the steel consumption of the ground 1t material is approximately 500 to 1500 g. Therefore, it is necessary to study wear-resistant steel ball and wear lining board.
(3) Because the crushing effect of the spherical medium on the material is random and lack of selectivity, so the grinding products are not uniform and easy to crush. To this end, the ball mills seldom open the road, but often combine with the classifier to form closed circuit operation to ensure the product granularity meets the requirements.
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