Magnesite Calcination Rotary kiln to Produce Light Burning Ma

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Magnesite is a dominant mineral resource in China. It is a carbonate mineral of magnesium. Iron and manganese are often substituted for magnesium. However, the iron content of natural magnesite is generally not high. It is used to produce basic magnesia refractories and extract metallic magnesium. The main raw material of magnesite ore is mainly used for calcining light-burned magnesia, sintered magnesia, fused magnesia and other refractory materials.
Light burned magnesia is a very important basic magnesia raw material, and all magnesia deep-processed products must use it as the basic raw material. According to its chemical composition and shape, it is used to manufacture various grades of high-purity magnesia and mid-grade magnesia in pressure balls; synthesize spinel and other composite materials with raw materials containing Al2O3; produce fused magnesia (refractory grade or electrical grade); Basic raw material for converter desulfurization powder; basic raw material for deep processing of magnesia products, such as light MgO, light MgCO3, etc.; basic raw material for magnesium fertilizer and magnesite chemical products.
Henan Zhengzhou Mining Machinery Co., Ltd has advanced technology and rich experience in the magnesite calcining light-burned magnesia project. It mainly uses rotary kiln calcining equipment, which uses magnesite and dolomite as raw materials to produce magnesia after high-temperature calcination.
Rotary kiln is used as equipment for calcining magnesite to produce magnesia, with large production capacity, high degree of mechanization, high labor productivity and stable product quality. In particular, the new clean production process of the external heating rotary kiln has completely changed the disadvantages of the traditional production process such as heavy pollution, high energy consumption, serious waste of resources, and low product quality. It is a major innovation of the traditional process. This technology uses raw coal to pyrolyze water gas as fuel, which not only improves combustion efficiency, but also reduces polluting flue gas emissions. Through heat exchange, the exhaust gas is used to preheat and dry the inlet air of the combustion chamber, thereby saving heat energy. , Reduce coal consumption. And because the ore produced by external heating is roasted under vacuum conditions, the flame does not touch the material, which eliminates the pollution of the fuel to the product; in addition, the temperature is controllable, the heating is uniform, and the ore decomposition speed is fast and complete during the roasting process, avoiding the traditional process-the defects of medium burnt or overburn improve the quality of the product. This technology also fundamentally solves the problems of serious waste of waste magnesite slag and smoke pollution, also reduces CO2 emissions, and has significant environmental benefits.
Henan Zhengzhou Mining Machinery Co., Ltd uses energy-saving and environmentally-friendly rotary kilns on the magnesite calcining equipment, and is equipped with a self-developed vertical preheater, which saves fuel, increases output, and meets the clean and environmental requirements of various countries with high standards. If you have any questions about magnesite calcination, please feel free to consult us.

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  • Magnesite Calcination Rotary kiln to Produce Light Burning Ma

    Magnesite Calcination Rotary kiln to Produce Light Burning Ma

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