Active Lime Kiln Production Process

The main component of lime is calcium oxide, the chemical formula is CaO, which is a common inorganic compound. Lime is made from limestone, dolomite, chalk, shells and other high calcium carbonate production capacity, calcined at 900~1100 ℃.
Lime with higher purity can be used in pharmacy, food additives, sugar, chemical, pesticide and other industries; lime with higher activity can be used in metallurgy and smelting industries; lime with higher whiteness can be used in coatings, papermaking and other industries.
The equipment for calcining limestone is mainly a lime kiln, which generates quicklime (commonly known as white ash) through high-temperature calcination.
Lime Kiln Classification:
According to the fuel, there are mixed burning kilns, which burn solid fuels, coke, coke powder, coal, etc. Harmonious kiln. Gas burning kilns include burning blast furnace gas, coke oven gas, calcium carbide tail gas, producer gas, natural gas, etc.
According to the shape of the kiln, there are shaft kiln, rotary kiln, sleeve kiln, West Devi Master kiln, Maerz kiln (Switzerland), Furkas kiln (Italy) and so on. At the same time, it is divided into positive pressure operation kiln and negative pressure operation kiln.
Lime Kiln Structure:
Lime kiln is mainly composed of kiln body, feeding device, distributing device, combustion device, ash unloading device, electrical appliances, instrument control device, dust removal device, etc.
Lime kilns of different forms have different structural forms and calcination forms. The process flow is basically the same, but the equipment value is very different. Of course, the use effect is definitely different.
Lime Production Process:
Limestone and fuel are loaded into the lime kiln (if gas fuel is fed through the pipe and burner), and then preheated to begin to decompose at 850°C, and complete the calcination at 1200°C. After cooling, it is discharged out of the kiln. The production of quicklime products is completed. Different kiln shapes have different preheating, calcination, cooling and ash unloading methods. However, several technological principles are the same: high quality of raw materials and good quality of lime; high calorific value of fuel and low quantity consumption; limestone particle size is directly proportional to calcination time; quicklime activity is inversely proportional to calcination time and calcination temperature.
The choice of active lime production process is determined by many factors: investment cost, lime activity requirements, fuel selection, raw material particle size, system capacity requirements, and environmental protection requirements.
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