250,000 t/a Coal Powder Preparation Production Line of Shando

1. Project overview:
Project address: China•Shandong•Taian•Xintai
Construction unit: Tai'an New Clean Energy Co., Ltd.
Product name: Coal powder preparation production line
Production scale: 250,000 tons of pulverized coal production line
Service scope: from raw material storage and transportation, pre-drying, grinding, powder selection, cooling to finished product storage and transportation system, environmental dust collection system, process design of electrical automation control system, plant planning, equipment supply, equipment installation and commissioning, after-sales training Wait for one-stop technical service.
2. Project Description
Taian Xinhuan Energy Clean Energy Co., Ltd. is a large-scale scientific and technological innovation private enterprise specializing in the market research and development, production and promotion of high-efficiency coal powder, coal water slurry, coal water slurry additives and gasification water coal slurry additives. The company occupies an area of 67,000 square meters, has professional and technical personnel with advanced domestic production and laboratory equipment, and has more than 100 employees, of which technical personnel account for 30%. The company has always focused on the development and application of high-efficiency coal powder and coal water slurry.
3. Design principles
(1) On the premise of meeting the requirements of production scale, the host adopts stand-alone and single-line equipment to achieve the purpose of smooth and compact production line, save land, and increase land use rate.
(2) The auxiliary equipment is based on the principles of stability, reliability, and energy saving to ensure normal production, high quality, high yield, and low energy consumption.
(3) Fully integrate the local natural conditions, optimize the design plan under the process and production conditions, and reduce the project cost as much as possible.
(4) Conscientiously implement relevant environmental protection, laws, regulations and standards, strictly control environmental pollution, reduce pollutant discharge, protect and improve the environment, and realize safe and civilized production.
4. Project Implementation
The first phase of the 250,000 tons of pulverized coal preparation project was publicly tendered across the country. Because the new environment has a greater influence in the industry, well-known suppliers in the industry rushed to sign up during the tender, and eight peers participated in the bidding. After more than one month and 3 rounds of fierce technical and commercial bid evaluation and bid negotiation process, due to the advantages of excellent product quality and many achievements in coal preparation, Zhengzhou Mining Machinery finally won the bid in July.
After winning the bid, our engineering and technical personnel overcome a number of technical difficulties according to the technical requirements of the bidding documents, and carried out careful and detailed engineering construction drawing design, and passed the review at one time. In strict accordance with the contract requirements, the project department formulated a rigorous implementation plan, equipment manufacturing, installation, shipment, commissioning, etc., with the active cooperation and support of Party A’s project department, the project was completed on time and the commissioning was smooth.
During the trial production process, our after-sales service personnel stayed at the site for more than one month, and dealt with and eliminated problems such as the vibration of the separator and the air leakage of the valve seal.
The positive working attitude, rigorous work style, excellent product quality, and good after-sales service have won the recognition and praise of Zhengzhou Mine by the leaders and employees at all levels of Xinhuan Energy.
The project was accepted as qualified in August 2018. It once again demonstrates the powerful equipment manufacturing capabilities, perfect technical design capabilities, and complete engineering service capabilities of Zheng Mining Machinery. Contribute to the effective promotion of clean energy in Shandong.
5. Equipment List
Process equipment of pulverized coal preparation station Electrical equipment of pulverized coal preparation station
No Product Name No Product Name
1 Rod valve 1 Low-voltage incoming cabinet
2 Belt quantitative feeder 2 Dust collector fan frequency conversion cabinet
3 Permanent magnet iron remover 3 Control and distribution cabinet
4 Bucket Elevator 4 Console
5 Heavy hammer air lock flap ash unloading valve 5 Into the grinding gas temperature
6 Air swept coal mill 6 Out grinding gas temperature
7 Thin oil station 7 Pulverized coal storage temperature measurement
8 Dynamic classifier 8 Temperature measurement in dust hopper
9 Explosion-proof air box pulse dust collector 9 Bearing temperature of ball mill head
10 Star unloader 10 Ball mill tail bearing temperature
11 Screw Conveyor 11 Inlet gas temperature of bag filter
12 Induced draft fan 12 Outlet gas temperature of bag dust collection
13 Warehouse roof dust collector (three-proof filter bag) 13 Into the mill wind pressure
14 High temperature butterfly valve 14 Wind pressure
15 Cold air valve 15 Outlet pressure of powder separator
16 Explosion-proof valve 16 Outlet wind pressure of bag dust collection
17 Nitrogen protection system 17 Raw coal bunker anti-rotation level gauge
18 Screw conveyor 18 Pulverized coal bin anti-rotation level gauge
19 Bucket elevator 19 Cable tray
20   20 Power cable
6. Project Photos

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