Taiyuan Zhengtaida Acid Mud Drying Project

Project Background:
Taiyuan Zhengtaida Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Taiyuan Steel City Enterprise Group Co., Ltd. It was established in February 2005. It mainly serves Taiyuan Iron and Steel's production lines and plant machinery supporting companies. The company is managed by improving , The comprehensive energy consumption index is in the forefront of the domestic industry, and the safety, environmental protection and various process indicators are at the domestic advanced level. The project of the acid liquid precipitation of the acid cleaning stainless steel plate is a solid waste treatment project of the production line. The company's equipment not only requires equipment safety and reliability, but also requires energy-saving and environmentally-friendly process systems and advanced automated control systems for the entire equipment.
Through many early technical communication with various manufacturers, repeated exchanges on equipment technology and automation control technology finally determined the process technology plan with Zhengzhou mine as the standard as a unified platform. In business negotiations, Zhengzhou mine also used a complete scope of supply and the detailed production, installation, commissioning, and after-sales guarantee program won the customer's approval, and Zheng Mine was finally determined as the supplier of the project.
Project Introduction:
This project is a newly built project. There is no professional design institute to sort out the parameters of the calculation system for the stainless steel acid mud light burning project, and there is no existing production parameter to learn from. Since the raw materials and products are filter cakes after pressure filtration, the raw materials have high viscosity and the pretreatment is very difficult. In addition, the fuel for light-burning acid sludge is blast furnace gas with low calorific value. A large amount of combustion-supporting air needs to be blown. The unbalanced wind pressure of the entire production line will cause the kiln head to emit smoke. The data calculation determines the parameters of the system fan.
Since this project is a new project, the customer’s terrain conditions have no elevation difference and the area is small, so the engineer decided to put the raw material batching and granulation system on a low platform. Put the dust collection system on the high platform, realize the partition management, and greatly improve the on-site environment, making it the cleanest factory for similar projects in China.
After 1 month of installation, commissioning, and training, the customer’s workers can operate the system equipment proficiently. Under the patient training and explanation of the Zhengzhou mine’s after-sales engineers, the workers recognize the reliability and safety of this equipment very much. The industry problem that turned out to be the most worried about the smoke from the kiln head was also completely resolved because of the reasonable parameters of the kiln tail fan!

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